Oliver Gale is a creative, entrepreneur, and visionary dedicated to building a better world founded on enabling freedom and equal opportunity.

Raised by a Barbadian father and English mother, Oliver's Barbados upbringing played an essential role in shaping his artistic expression and perspective on the many challenges facing life on Earth today.

Oliver spent his formative and adolescent years growing up in Barbados, where he first attended private and public school before moving to Canada to further his education. Heavily influenced by West Indian music and culture, Oliver developed a passion for reggae at an early age and went on to become a recognized reggae artist in the Caribbean and Europe.

Oliver attended the University of Bristol, where he graduated in 2009 with a BSc honors degree in Accounting and Management.



Oliver’s journey as an entrepreneur began in 2010 as founder of Authentic Revolution, a music production and events management company. He later branched into finance and technology as an early cryptocurrency investor and commercial GPU miner. In the Caribbean, Oliver rose to prominence as an advocate for Bitcoin and the larger power of open payment networks to liberate minorities and underdeveloped nations from financial exclusion. In 2013, Oliver co-founded the Caribbean's first blockchain company, Bitt.com (formerly CaribCoin), which launched a digital asset exchange and mobile money network. The company also developed the Barbadian Digital Dollar to support Barbadian citizens that were unable to access basic banking services in 2015.

The Digital Dollar became recognized as a functional framework for blockchain-issued legal tender, and earned Bitt a contractual working agreement with the Eastern Caribbean Central Bank to build the world’s first blockchain-based legal tender instrument, DXCD. Serving as President and CFO, Oliver left Bitt in 2017 to pursue other web3 ventures with potential for global impact.

Active Projects


In 2018, Oliver founded BaseTwo, a private venture firm that specializes in early stage investment, advisory and incubation. Oliver’s role at BaseTwo is focused on product strategy and advising on web3 protocol design. The BaseTwo team has supported a number of blockchain projects to date, including Fluent, Panther, and Elemental.


Panther is architecting an end to end blockchain protocol that restores privacy in web3 finance while providing enterprises with a compliance compatible platform.


Elemental is supplying affordable consumer credit by developing consumer credit solutions for stablecoins and other on-chain payment media.


Fluent is leveling the playing field for individuals and enterprises in global markets by developing a federated web3 stablecoin protocol designed for compatibility and compliance with global payment infrastructure for payments and transfers.



To complement his business endeavors, Oliver, better known artistically as ‘Olii’, has continued developing as a songwriter and singer. Originally releasing music through Authentic Revolution under the alias ViZion, his music drew on elements of reggae, dancehall, and hip hop, merging Caribbean beats and sounds with inventive wordplay, an ambitious character, and an original brand of conscious messaging. In 2008, ViZion was nominated at the Barbados Music Awards for best new artist, and best reggae album. In 2010, he won the award for best hip hop artist with several singles having received regular airplay on prominent radio stations in Barbados, across the Caribbean, and in Europe. Today, Olii continues to release new music.

Writing from a deeper and more philosophical vantage point, Olii’s music speaks to his unique multi-cultural background, self belief, and right to live and express himself freely.

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“All it takes to make dreams come true, is for you to believe in you.”